Day 21 in My Mobile Boutique

Wow..seems like yesterday was my first day with Carovana.  i’ve set up in 4 different locations, each completely different from the next.  i wont go into detail about what worked and what didn’t… Continue reading

Summary of Day 1

Cloudy rainy skies at 8 this morning for the first day. By 11am, the sun was out and the clouds were almost gone. Soy votives, ceramic vases & candle holders. various finds Tami… Continue reading

Day 1…A Happy Tired Camper

    Today was the debut of Carovana.  I was up before the crack of dawn, loading my truck, the camper, checking my list more times than Santa does and out the door… Continue reading

Progress, Progress, Progress

Before Paint After Paint WoW.  if i wasn’t having so much fun with this new venture, i’m not sure i’d keep doing it!  it’s a LOT of work…and i havent done it all… Continue reading

Carovana’s Progress

          my lovely tissue paper arrived today! Even though it has been raining almost non-stop, there have been a few breaks in the rain, and i have gotten a… Continue reading

What is a Mobile Boutique?

That is the question everyone asks me when I tell them I am opening one. Well, it’s wonderfulness in a 1979 Nomad Camper.  I named it “Carovana”.  That is what the European Gypsies… Continue reading